Why is she ignoring me?

So I met this girl in July in a program for my college. She looked beautiful to me so I went to go talk to her but I was shy. Eventually we met by my friend sending a note calling her beautiful by me. So then everything was cool and stuff she used to hang out with me and my friends after school, me and her use to meet up everyday before school to go to school and stuff basically everything was good I was even at my best because I jus graduated hs. She knew I like her cause i told her but she said that she doesn't want anything right now. Even the start of the semester we hung out twice a week after school going to the mall then after getting something to eat and stuff it was great. But honestly I can probably say I messed up cause right now she's not even talking to me she's she ignoring me. The start of September I was going through hard times with my family and stuff I wasn't myself I was honestly hurt because at that time I had lost there support. My mother pulled knives on me etc it was madness I couldn't take it anymore the sad part is that it affected me and I felt like I did something wrong with her. I was really depressed. Everything from there went down I caught health issues too I've been sick with heart problems it was terrible. Honestly I don't know what to do anymore nothing is going right and I want her to talk to me again I tried texting and she's not answering. Even when I was going through those things I still brought her a gift for her birthday in November. I jus want things to go back to how it was. Tbh I'm hurt and at the same time I'm still kinda sick. I jus wanna know is there anything I can do to get her to talk to me again because 2017 was jus a terrible year for me I going through a lot even more than what I said but I don't wanna talk about more of it cause I'll probably tear up. I messed up a lot I know I did and she put up a lot with me cause I was angry and hurt about a lot of things.
Why is she ignoring me?
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