Does he even like me? Or is it all in my head?

So this guy I met randomly two months ago when I lost my way, and he helped me. Before we parted ways he asked for my number and said that if I had time to have lunch or dinner with him sometime. After that we texted a lot and he asked to meet me the following week and we had lunch. We kept meeting like this constantly. Along the way I started to develop feelings for him. We hung out a lot and over time he started getting touchy with me, he would hold my hands sometimes, play with them, play with my hair and he takes me home after we hang out and even kissed my cheek goodnight. He even admitted that he wished he could see me everyday. And this is all new to me because I don't let guys who aren't my boyfriend or I'm at least explicitly dating do these things to me. However, finals came around and he went from hanging out everyday to nothing at all. Which made sense we were both busy. Also, we didn't keep in contact as often. But when finals ended he asked to meet me. We spent Christmas together and exchanged gifts and I was almost certain he liked me then. He also expressed that because of me this past semester was the best time he ever had and wished I could stay all of 2018 here (I'm an exchange student at his university currently). But there's a doubt in my heart, since he hasn't said anything, he is an awful texter; I seem to initiate all the convos. I feel like I'm being so obvious, and he is either clueless or just not that into me. Whenever I express that I miss him or try to be sweet with him, he seems completely unfazed/unbothered by it. I also feel like I have to mention that he is seems unexperienced in this whole dating thing and a bit clueless So, does this guy sound like he even likes me at all? What's up with him being all hot and cold? What do I do? Wait and see what happens or confess? Please help, I've never felt this deeply about someone before in such a short period of time.
Does he even like me? Or is it all in my head?
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