Why is my ex girlfriend doing this to me?

Someone please help me understand this, me and my girl broke up about a month ago, it was more of a pause for us. We just thought to take a break because we had been struggling. We were together for 6 months. The first 5 were truly amazing. 3 days after Christmas. She sent me a massive text basically calling me a liar and cheater and fake and just blows me up out of nowhere. All false accusations of cheating on her but she has ptsd because of a past boyfriend. Even though we were broken up, if I did anything she wouldn’t have the right to be mad at me. But I didn’t. I love this girl and I wanted her back. I wouldn’t jeapordize it. We texted and fought all day and I told her I am sick of trying to prove myself and I have nothing left to give. I work for a gym, so while we were dating I gave her a free pass so she could work out with me or work out for free when she wanted. When we broke up she told me she would go to another location so we wouldn’t see each other. But I go the same time every night to workout and this last week she has been there every night at the same time I am even wearing some of the Gym stuff I got her for Christmas. She even has posted pictures wearing some of the clothes I got her. I haven’t made eye contact or talked or done anything to her. She eye balls me the whole time. Our last conversation she seemed like she never wanted to see me or speak to me again yet now she’s there. And she knows I’ll be there, I go the same time everyday. Why is she doing this. What the hell do I do. It’s hard to see her. But I want to take the high road and just coexist. I wish I could go up to her and say can we please talk. But I know that’s what she wants, she wants me to look weak and confront her so when I say “can we talk” she will just say “no” But I know she is doing it to eff with my head and get me to text her or think about her or miss her or whatever. What do I do? Why is she even showing her face at the gym. On a free pass.. I gave her.
Why is my ex girlfriend doing this to me?
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