19 Year old guy, haven't had first kiss yet?

Hey, I'm a guy who has a really low self-esteem and is kind of shy. Soon i'm turning 19 and i haven't even had my first real kiss yet. I think I'm not that awful looking. What am I doing wrong? I have tinder and I'm using it for about a year now, in that time I got 42 matches in total, with one I actually gone on a date with. We dated for 3 weeks but she send me a message saying that she did'nt have the "feeling". I don't know what to do. I'm feeling really lonely and I just want someone who loves me besides my family. All my classmate have the "experience" and I have'nt even got my first real kiss. I'm just a regular guy that games from time to time, goes to school and sits home a lot. Besides school I don't really have friends either. I don't really have any hobbys or work too. What can I do?
19 Year old guy, haven't had first kiss yet?
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