Can you guys just give me your opinions about this guy/date?

Hey GaG,
So I recently met this guy on social media. He thought I was cute and whatnot so we messaged a bit and he really wanted to take me out. I was totally busy on the day he offered first, but said I was totally free on a different day and he agreed.
So the day came and he picked me up. It was our first time meeting. He asked what I wanted to do and I was totally confused. He asked me out and had nothing planned. I said it was up to him. He literally just drove around the whole time! He was really quiet and awkward and brushed off any questions I had when I was just trying to make conversation. He also took some calls which I thought was a bit rude. At the end of the "date" he proceeded to tell me that I was giving him a headache. Overall, this very awkward interaction lasted about an hour. He also said that he doesn't trust anyone with anything.
I felt extremely confused and weird after the so called "date". I was trying to be open and friendly to make the situation a little more enjoyable, but he was acting so dead and boring. I don't understand the point of begging to take me out if he wasn't going to plan anything or to even speak to me. He also knew for sure that we weren't going to sleep together or anything, so I don't think that was the issue either.
This guy was so awkward and rude and I didn't do anything to offend him.
Was it a waste of time? absolutely, but I was just trying to give someone a chance.
Anyway, this was a bit of a rant and opinions are welcome lol I'd also love to clear things up if you guys are confused or anything.
Can you guys just give me your opinions about this guy/date?
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