Is losing your virginity at 23/24 too late?

I've never been very good with girls. Partly because I was shy, insecure and generally socially inept, partly because I used to believe that there is a point in saving myself for someone I genuinely love. Last summer I finally realised that the world doesn't work that way and that all I'm doing is fantasising about girls who don't give a damn about me, while I'm missing out on life. I did a 180° turn in my mindset, so just two weeks before my 24th birthday, I finally lost it to a foreign girl I matched with on Tinder.
I can only marvel at my former naivety. My question is, do you think I can still gain the experience I missed out on during the more naive part of my youth, or did I come too late to the party already?
That's way too late. You should make peace with the fact that a good part of your life is over.
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It's later than ideal, but you can still make up for it.
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It's okay, you're worrying about nothing.
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Is losing your virginity at 23/24 too late?
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