Over the top texting? Part 2?

He said that he told me he was on a motorcycle trip. And yes he was going to let me go. I was carrying on like his ex and he doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes. He said sorry but I'm out. And no I don't want to talk one last time just leave me be. All the best and good luck.
i went semi crazy here which I did in a drunken moment and wish more than anything I could take back.
i did the desperation texts, apologising, saying I didn't realise I was pissing him off and please don't ride me off yet I am worth it and blah blah.
No reply.
4 days later I texted again and just said hope you are well. I would love to take you out to dinner if you are free. I feel really crappy about the way I acted.
That was 4 days ago and still nothing.
so I am so embarrased and haven't acted like this before! I want to show him that this is not me normally and let's go slow, but how can I?
i can't message him again now. And I won't.
But I felt that he liked me. He said I was the only other girl that has made him melt since his ex (whom was the love of his life)
the way we touched, just everything felt different. It was real chemistry on a mental and psychical level.
If I leave him alone will he maybe change his mind and give it another go?
Or have I dug a hole to big to get out off so soon after meeting him?
Many advice welcome
Over the top texting? Part 2?
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