Why am I still not over what he did?

My ex and I had sex after we broke up... he took my virginity and didn’t speak to me afterwards and just literally ran away and only messaged me at times like 2am for us to have sex again. I was really heartbroken. I saw him at a party and shouted at him saying how could he do that and asking him why. He said to my friend that he knows it was bad of him to take my virginity and leave and he regrets it but he didn’t say sorry at all. This happened 3 months ago and I’m still not over it, everyday I have dreams that we talk and he gives me a explanation on why he just left me like that. Obviously we ended on bad terms because of what happened at the party but I’m starting to think il never get over what happened since In my dream. How can I close this chapter of what happened in my past? Will I ever get over that he took my virginity and left, will I ever stop thinking about it and how?
Why am I still not over what he did?
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