Friendzoned... maybe?

So I met this girl at a bar a few months ago, we had a few drinks, hung out and spent the night at my place talking and making out.
i asked her on a date, she said yes, but was really distant and felt she wasn’t into it - she had just finished work and said she was really tired etc etc

So she messaged me a day later after some back and forth saying she didn’t want to lead me on and that she just wanted to be friends.

ok I thought - “friends” after a random night out and a date she wasn’t into.
Delete number, move on.

I stupidly sent her a message (after a few drinks) saying it was cool random night we had, wished her all the best and said I was going to delete her number
Get an immediate text back - “oh ok, no one ever wants to be just friends, I understand.
i really did like hanging out with you”

Then I get a text a week later from her asking if i wanted to have a drink - which we did - we started going out every week for drinks or dinner and texting almost daily.

Then it stopped for a few weeks.

Before Christmas I asked if she wanted to catch up a couple of times but she said no - no money, work etc
so I deleted her number, again, so I knew I wouldn’t message her while I was away for Christmas and hopefully stop thinking about her - nothing for 20 days.
all went to plan... until the day I get back to work, I get a call from her, she was just stepping off her plane and asked if I wanted to catch up that night

We had drinks and talked till 2am - then she said she had plans with an old school friend in a few days but wanted to ditch her so we could go out again...

She always gives mixed signals, she’ll lightly touch my arm when we’re talking at dinner or at the bar but on the couch she’ll sit far away as possible.
She put her head on my lap and went to sleep while I was stroking her hair one night

I really like her, I just can’t tell if she has friend zoned me or she’s waiting for me to make another move...
Friendzoned... maybe?
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