Should I wait and ask her to hang out as friends or just ask her out or wait until she is over her ex?

This girl that I have known for a few months from work. We chat and there is some good nature teasing going on between the two of us. We talk about our lives and the future and other random things. Recently she mentioned that she was moving out of her boyfriends house to another area to live with her friend, meaning that she is single. Recently I walked into her area and she smiled at me as I walked by.

I was wondering if you think it is too soon after a week of moving out from her boyfriends house? Should I wait and ask her to hang out as friends or just ask her out or wait until she is over her ex?

I have never been in this situation with a girl just breaking up. How long do you think is appropriate to wait?
She gave me her phone number and we have been texting back and forth. How long should we text like friends before I ask her out?


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  • Ask her out as friends. Build a friendship with her first because right now if you jump into anything with her then you'll more than likely be the random guy she doesn't know well who is the rebound which will probably not last long.


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  • I would wait; You can remain in the picture fairly easily, and continue talking with her until you feel like it's a good time and she won't be processing her last relationship anymore before you ask her out on a date. You can still joke and chat with her, and ask her to hang out as friends, but I would recommend waiting, as you have all the time in the world, until a more fruitful time.

    • I would say somewhere around two weeks might be okay. She should have come to terms with the break up and re-stabilized emotionally, possibly as much as three weeks, but somewhere in that range sounds good to me.

    • Maybe just be friendly in the texts and see how she reacts; She will get over it eventually, it's just a question of how long, and that can only be guessed from contact with her