Now I'm being her rebound? Need to either leave or stay.

well I meet this girl at my job and we became friends and all that. I first saw her I was like damn she fine and all that. then when I got to know her I liked her she had everything I wanted in a girl. we talk for a while then I went on vacation but I was still talking to her but I guess she meet another dude and they started dating but she told me she wasn't looking for a relationship and all that. I said f*** her and all that and my sister sent my gift too her that I got from my vacation. she been felt bad about it and called me that night saying she is sorry and she didn't expect it. I said whatever forget you is this what you do to guys and sh*t. I did still like her and all so I said ill talk to you when I'm ready. we did and we were cool then. even though I do bring the situation up sometimes. now recently she broke up with the last guy who she was with cause he cheated like I seen it coming like the smart ass I am. now I'm being her rebound or nothing but I can show her how a real man treats a girl and she said well I think I'm not your type and if we dated she would mess it up and our friendship...please anyone tell me what to do


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  • Wait a bit. The negatives of being a rebound guy outweigh the chance to go out with her. You can initiate and ask her out to a date after she recovers from the breakup.

    • Ok but she told me recently that she doesn't want a relationship now I worried about that cause she talk to others guys as well what can I do to be diffrent

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    • Ok cool I really want to say thanks man you think this will work for this situation

    • I can't guarantee anything, but it's way better than sitting around and waiting. You'll never know if she finds one of the guys she's casually dating very attractive and ends up falling for him. Best to make the move and try to be that guy.

      Best of luck!

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