Did he ask me out, or does he just wanna hang?

This guy I met a few days ago asked me to go to a fair with him, just me and him. I've never been in a relationship or really had somebody flirt with me or ask me out before, so I'm not sure... I got his number today and we've been texting for hours and he called me cute. I asked him if he liked me and he said he didn't know, but he thought I was cute. What does he mean? Help? I really like him, he's like perfect for me

Okay, so he is saying to me that me talking to him makes his day and is calling me cute much more often. He also said that he thinks he kinda likes me. Problem is, I have this friend that LOTS of guys like, and I'm afraid he's gunna like her instead


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  • You can't be scared of that. If he ends up liking her then obviously it was not meant to be. If your friend goes for him she is not really a friend. He says he likes you so keep doing what your doing. Don't worry about your friend.

    • :) Everything's good. He asked me out Saturday night. We still haven't kissed but yeah.

  • I think he is starting to like you but don't rush it. act like yourself and don't show him you like him to much and he will figure out how he feels and hopefully he does and things will work out great.