Would he like it if I kissed him in this situation?

So this guy from my church and I both shared to each other that we really like one another and want to date. We're not in a relationship just yet. So this week I'm planning to go on a hike with him and then go to his house. He hasn't made a move on me yet because he's sort of shy when it comes to being a romantic. So, I really want to kiss him, very badly, I get butterflies just thinking of it. In a guys( or even girl's) opinion, would going in for a kiss spontaneously when we're alone freak him out, make him uncomfortable, or would he like it. Does any one have any advice if I were to kiss him how it should be done, like if I should tell him I want to, hint to him, or just dive in? And because it would be a first kiss between us, how do you think he would want me to kiss him? Thanks!'


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  • I think he would really like it!

    Story time haha. so this girl and I were taking a nice walk though the woods, when she tells me that I have something on my shirt. so I looked to see what see was talking about, and she went right in and kissed my cheek. I was like..:).

    p.s. I'm also a shy guy when it comes to that kind of stuff too!

    GO FOR IT!


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  • since you know him, you sort of know what type he is- the spontaneous type or the sort-of uptight type. if he is the spontaneous, outgoing type, he would love if you kissed him out of the blue! however, since you said he was shy, it might freak him out if you just randomly planted one on his face, haha.

    what you should do (near the end of your date) if you're sitting down and talking or if he's walking you home, sort of lean in closer to him and look into his eyes. maybe even lick your lips a little bit if you can do it without making it too obvious. unless he's bad at reading facial cues and body language, he'll most likely pick up that you want to kiss him, and either he'll kiss you back or he might still be too shy and nervous, who knows.

    the most important thing is not to rush. you already know he likes you, so just have fun with him in the early stages of your relationship instead of worrying whether or not he's going to kiss you. I know you really want to kiss him, but rushing too fast could be a relationship deal-breaker. just have fun and when the right moment is there, the kiss will happen!