What is with this crazy thing called texting?

So why would a guy text a female, initiating the conversation and perpetuating it and then just randomly stop answering?

This guy and I have been texting for a while, like over a few years. The last few times he texted me, we sent a couple messages back and forth and then he just left me hanging.

Just today he texts me like twice and then stops, even though I asked a question! So even though I've decided to stop initiating contact with him, I still answer when he texts and then feel stupid.

Why would someone do this? I understand that people get busy and caught up, but why would you start a conversation if you were too busy? It's also happened numerous times now..


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  • It happens, sometimes a person doesn't know when they're going to be busy. Like me.. I might be texting one minute then have to go. I might not be able to reply for a few hours. By the time I could reply it could be late at night, suppertime or some other inconvenient time. Does he leave you hanging for a few hours? Does he eventually answer your questions?

    It could be a bunch of issues, you never really know. Bad reception, dead battery. His phones buried in his pocket and he doesn't hear it... You can drive yourself crazy just thinking about it.

    Just don't fret about it. It can be annoying at times yes.. I'm sure we all have a friend who takes their time replying to texts.

    • Nah, he leaves me hangin, meaning doesn't answer. But then will start a new conversation a few days later..

      Once when he did it I sent him another message a little later sorta callin him out on it, and he answered. So.. I'm confused..

    • And he will answer you if your calling him out on it because he dosen't want to upset you. But there could be endless reasons why he's not replying... its difficult to say.

  • it happens to the best of people. I sometimes have the same problem being a firefighter. ill be texting a friend, and then we get a call, and I won't be able to check my phone for hours on end. and by then, its kind of pointless to respond to that text. some people just randomly get busy and can't respond


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