My boyfriend is boring... what should I do?

My boyfriend is great, except for 2 things: he is not motivated to get a job, go to school, OR go out and do anything FUN. He is however sweet and faithful.

By "not go out and do anything fun" I mean in our 10 months of dating we have been out for dinner ONCE and out to the movies ONCE. We occasionally go out for coffee but that is IT.

I try and get him to go to concerts, events, exhibitions, and sometimes out for a drink but NOTHING.

I love him very much and I ask him to come out to things (sometimes just bring him there) and he is not interested. He says "than dump me if you don't like it" but I just really want to experience the best of life with him.

What do I do?


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  • Hehe, I know a lazy bastard when I see one (takes one to know one and all that). He's not going to change as long as he feels he can get away with staying the same. And he'll continue thinking he can get away with it for as long as you don't dump him, and perhaps even when you do.

    I fear for you his "then dump me if you don't like it" statement is quite possibly your only option if you're unhappy with the current situation.

    • So how do I let him know that I won't put up with it anymore?

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  • I don't blame him for being lazy and not motivated to get a job, because this economy is so sh*tty and terrible, that almost nobody is hiring, he must be tired and frustrated, angry of getting denied employment at so many places already

    • Um... he does not even bother applying to jobs... or making up a resume... and he is applying to dishwashing jobs - not corporate exec jobs :P

  • do what you think is right mabe tough love help him get a job support him. if you truly love him make him get a job

    • How do I make him get a job? I did his resume for him and I even sent him jobs to apply for and sometimes he does it and sometimes he does not... I have even sat with thim when he sent off his resume so that he knew he did it right...

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