Do I sound like messed up

1. what's your opinion on this situation.

Well when I was 12 a guy I was in love with broke up with me and I was still in love with him like 3 months later and he asked me to strip for him on cam, so I did, then it became the one thing I had and I had nothing else. guys I really liked ended up using me and wanting me for one thing only on cam. then I started actually meeting up with the guys. the problem is ,. its one big cycle. I feel used a worthless when they go for everybody else and then when they come to me I feel powerful and gorgeous again until they leave. I feel like I have nothing left. this then moved on to my perfection issue so I now I don't want to eat anything and exercise all the time and stuff but it rearely works out

2. the problem is now I have no confidence. and then when I go out I get really drunk and out of my head for confidence because without out it I feel really boring. and that's a bad cycle too

what do I do . maybe I should just run off and start a new life some place else. get a job quit school meet new people etc. you honest opinion. and please don't leave comments like slut etc. I don't care if you just want to upset me . there really is no point.


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  • Ok, first off running away from your problems will not help you at all. Moving away is running away. I suggest some therapy and some adjustments. Stripping for guys on cam really doesn't do much for your image. You portray someone who is willing to do just about anything for attention. Keeping things up to imagination is much more sexier and will help you gain the respect of men. You are not boring. You seeking attention that doesn't last is like doing drugs. You get it for a little bit of time.but then it goes away and you feel badly until you can find it all over again. It's a vicious cycle. How is your relationship with your parents?

    • My family ignores my existence until they need something and my friends are all self centered

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    • Thanx you've been so helpful :D

    • No problem. I've been there and done that myself so anytime you want to talk send me a message.

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  • Ive felt that same way since I was 13 and last year I started with pictures and stuff so I know exactly how you feel. Everyone I was interested in was only interested because they thought I would give it up or whatever. What I learned, is that you have the power to say no. I no it will seem like guys don't like you anymore or whatever because I felt the same way but honestly if you stand up for yourself and tell them no just because you don't want to do it then they will respect you and it will make them want you more because they can't have you. And please don't starve yourself because again I did the same thing. It only leads to more problems. (a book that helped me be comfortable with my body is "No body is perfect"). Honestly I do think that you need a fresh start because people won't know you or anything you did in the past unless you want them to know. Just remember that you have the power to say no.