What to do when a guy you are not interested texts you all the time?

I've known this guy at school for awhile and I'm fine being friends with him but I'm not interested in dating him-as he is very pushy, has way different morals than me (to me, it's in a bad way) and when I see him in person he says weird things like "You scared me, the way you turned around looked like you were going to kill me" and not joking either.

He has my number-big mistake I know. But he asked me over facebook for it and I wasn't going to reply or give it to him, but I saw him in person and it's harder for me to say no in person. Now, he texts me all the time asks what I'm doing, where I am etc. Recently, he asked me where I was and what I was doing and about 2 hours later I said "I'm watching a movie" then he asked if he could come watch (we are in college). If I don't respond will he get the message? If he texts me, I feel bad so I text back but short answers and 2 or more hours or later. Also, I don't just want to say "I'm not interested in dating you" if he wasn't even interested in the first place. I also would feel really bad by saying no, flat out. (I preferably like to avoid conflict).

So do any guys know what to say to hint to him I don't like him that way? Anyways, any advice and help would be greatly appreciated! :)


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  • If it were me, I would appreciate your honesty. Just tell him you feel like he's flirting with you, and you're not interested.

    • But what if he wasn't? It would be really embarrassing if he wasn't interested or he wasn't acting interested then I say that and just assume he is.

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    • If he gets angry, THEN you have the right to just ignore him, but it's always nicer to be honest at first.

    • Ok, yeah and I actually can see him getting mad since he always tells me he supposedly gets into fights all the time with friends. Thanks :)

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  • Just answer is the fewest words possible without any emoticons. And only exchange a couple texts with him then stop.

    • I hate your way of thinking. Why not just tell him the truth. By even exchanging a few text messages and then stopping is show that you have a lack of character.

    • No, it's by sending a very obvious message and everyone would get the hint. No one wants to be told "Stop texting me. I don't want to talk to you."