First date confusion - guys, I need your advice!

I went out with a guy a few days ago. He seemed to like me, we had dinner, then went out for coffee. He carried my bag for me the entire date, walked me to my train and at the end of the night gave me a hug. I also got a peck on the lips. I emailed him the next night to say thank you for dinner and I have not heard from him yet. Was he into me or not?


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  • Too early to confirm from his reaction. The fact that you felt it went well suggests that it likely could have and that he is just busy. What was the amount of conversation between the two of you? Did you do most of the talking? Did he do most of the talking? Was it evenly distributed?

    what were the topics of discussion? were they appropriate for a first date? what was his initial reaction to you? warm and excited? cool and aloof?

    Where did the two of you leave it? Did he confirm a second date, or simply "I'll call you sometime?"

    If you are confident enough, you can always request his company to a movie or a follow up dinner that will tell you whether or not he is into you.

    or if you wish nature to take it's course, you can simply email him again and voice your honest concerns that you felt things went well and you have not heard from him. guys respect direct communication.

    • When we met,he gave me a hug. conversation was appropraite.we seemed to have plenty to talk about.he said at one point during the date that he was glad we finally got to meet.during coffee,instead of sitting directly across from me,he sat closer.not touching but closer that sitting right across from me.the kiss on the lips at the end of the date made me think he liked me but he never said anything about doing it again.I'm confused because there was no response from my email.any thoughts on this?

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