Women, would you ever date a Muslim?

Taken with all the stereotypes and demonizing of Muslims, would you ever date one?

Marry one?


P.S- please don't say any inflammatory and bigotry comments. Lets have respect for other faiths.

I'm only asking, because this question was put to me as well and it got me thinking.


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  • I'm a Christian, but I'd date someone of another religion as long as they respected mine and let me practice it freely ( as I would let you do with yours). I also wouldn't let the fact that you are Muslim get in the way if anything. I don't think there is anything wrong with Muslims, they just have different beliefs than I do ( I'm not talking about terrorests, I know most Muslims aren't terrorists, just people who want a peaceful life)

    So yes, I'd date a Muslim if I conected with him :)


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  • i would date a Muslim. I'm Christian but find the Muslim values much more appealing! in fact I'd probably choose a Muslim man above a Christian. Though that's my preference...not sure if a lot of other girls will agree.

    Be proud of who you are. You will find someone that accepts & love you for who you are no matter what the world has been made to believe & stereotype. Good luck!

    • Wow, that's great. I'm intrigued though, what values do you find appealing?

      i'm also like that, when I looked deeper into islam, I found that there is so much good things than what meets the eye!!

    • 2 points: Islam disciplines & learns self control- no Alcohol, sex before marriage etc. Sins that lead many from the edge into the ditch (I'm not going to be a favorite for saying this) You earn respect and instantly distinguish yourself from the norm.Second a selfless heart: the faith promotes charity (Ramadan etc) Muslims take care of their own people, a huge community... one big family standing together. In all religions, having a good relationship with Allah makes you blessed & content.

  • I would have no problem dating or marrying someone who is Muslim, as long as we were compatible (i.e. our beliefs and values didn't conflict).


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  • Moderate Muslim's are great, I'd have no problem dating a female.