She went from texting crazy to no response the past two days?

So this girl I met a year ago and lost touch with, initiated contact recently and we had some awesome times together, She's wanted to go out of town on a trip, she also invited me to go sailing in Greece with her, her sister and husband. We had planned to go out of town this weekend, but we were both overwhelmed with work and mutually decided to put it off a couple of weeks. She called me two days ago to chat and then NOTHING.

She has not responded to any texts, not contacted me in any way.

I'm recently back into dating after a few years, so I'm not sure what to think of this?!?



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  • Well seeing as you were both overwhelmed with work I have to agree with the previous response. She may just be really busy/not want to bother you.

    Now there also is the situation that she may have ended up being dragged with her family to go sailing in which case she can't text, but she probably would have called for that.

    Don't think anything of it from what you were planning it sounds like you had a very sound relationship.

  • it seems your friend is a busy person too. so ill not be surprised if she's stuck with her work and forgot to check back the texts.