Why all the kissing?!?

So one of my best guy friends kissed me on the cheek twice last semester (once at the beginning, once at the end). But ever since we've come back from break, he gives me a huge hug and kisses me on the cheek every time we see each other, regardless of how many times we may have seen each other that day. This happens unless it's while we're on campus, in which case he has moves to do so every time, but in the last second just brushes his cheek against mine, probably because we're in a very public place.

So the problem is that I'm not used to guys treating me with any sort of physical affection and his doing so is pretty much torturing me because I'm half in love with him anyways. And while I find myself thinking that he may like me because he doesn't kiss any other girls, I also know that he's considering being interested in someone else.

So, really, I'm hoping for two answers- ones that say he likes me because it's a great feeling when you know someone likes you back; and ones that say he doesn't because then everything would just be so much easier on my poor heart :)


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  • Well to be quite honest, these kisses might mean a few things.

    One: where does he come from/what's his origin? At my school I have a few close guy friends who are from the same backgrounds as me. And whenever I see them they kiss me on the cheek. It's because we're good friends and probably because we're the same religion and stuff. They don't do this to other girls.

    Two: He might just be really polite and do this because he's a gentleman and he's your good friend.

    and Three: This boy probably likes you. He's a nice guy so he kissed you on the cheek before making any other moves. And doesn't to it too obviously in public because again, he's a nice guy and probably doesn't want people to be like.. ouu are they dating? lol

    I know this is complicated stuff. but you should probably talk to him about it! :) Hope this helps!

    • He's from California...as American as it gets :)

  • :) If he is considering liking someone else he can't like her that much. you don't consider liking someone you debate whether to do anything about it. & I'm not sure why you care because it doesn't sound like you lan on doing anything- would you? If 20 people came on here and said he likes you- would you do something about it? Because if not, you are just torturing yourself trying to find out from people who don't know him or you & with very little info. Lots of cultures kiss, lots if gys kiss. But if you FEEL something its orobabl there. my god I mean if I was hakf inlove ith a guy and he was kissing me anywhere abd I didn mnow ihs feelings, lets see- id ASK!

    • Well, the problem is that he's one of my best friends and I don't want to make him awkward around me. Pathetic as it is, I'd rather be friends with him than nothing at all.

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    • Thanks. I can really use all the help I can get at this point :)

    • Sure thing::)