Would you date the good gal?

What do you guys think of the good girl? I've been told I'm a goody goody practically all my life lol. I joke around in a sarcastic way but other then that I do volunteering mission trips, sometimes I suck up to the teacher (not on purpose by the way lol) etc... but I always seem to notice the bitches get the bfs... any of you date a good girl, or even had a crush on one? :D


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  • When you least suspect it you will get a boyfriend. Everybody has their types and preferences. I see nothing wrong with dating a good girl. I feel people have to accept you for who you are and if they can't except that. forgot about them. Never change for anybody and always stay true to who you are. A guy will appreciate you for what makes you who you are.


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  • I always asked the good girls, even the ones older than me, when I was your age. Never got anywhere with the older ones, but they were fun to flirt with...not much competittion!

  • You're too good. It makes you boring.

  • If she looked like you, hell no. A alpha male like myself demands only the best.

    • Hahahaha keep this fake facade up and maybe you will get some real confidence. But I do thank you for making me lol. I like pathetic attempts at getting back at someone.

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    • Whoa whoa whoa, lets not get crazy here. I wasn't trying to dis you. I was actually trying to give you the confidence you so desperately need but don't deserve. I thought being my pillow was a great compliment. I mean cmon, I guy like me touching you the slightest bit would fulfill your heavenly wishes. As for ruining it in the end, that really wasn't my intention. I merely wanted to let you know that a one night pillow is all that you will ever be.

    • Oh you were not trying to diss me? I guess getting dissed for all those years finally got to you. you can't even differentiate dissing from a normal convo.. and why would I wanna get touched by a pedophile, who calls himself " alpha dog? " I'm guessing you get your pick up lines and such from twilight. oh and let me beat you to the punch " wow what a. loser you read twilight? " eh read the books and they wernt very good. now go ahead and say something lame about your looks in your next reply.

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