Guys, would you rather her randomly fly 500 miles to see you as a surprise, OR fly you in for her prom?

I'm trying to decide! unless you have a better idea? Please let me know your reasoning behind your answer as well! =D THANKS!

  • I would rather her give me a surprise visit!
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  • I would rather go to her prom with her!
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  • I am a girl who wants to see the results! =D
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  • How sweet. Gosh I hope he's worth your efforts.

    If it were me, and we were in love I would be more than happy to fly in for your prom. Even if I didn't like prom it's about us doing something for each other.

    You're paying for my airfare, I am there to support you on a clearly special night for you. If I love you, I should be more than willing to do things that are just for you and be supportive and happy for your benefit.

    Plus, we're spending time with each other. What could be better?

    Either way works, but if prom is important to you, he should be willing to make that trip for you.


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  • Between these two options, I would choose the visit by you, and fly myself in for your prom. That would be because you are worthy of the investment, and the visit from you, later, would be a priceless blessing. If I didn't have the means to make it for your prom, I would discuss it with you, and ask if you could help me out.

    If you add in the options of other ideas, I would like to meet you somewhere in the middle and invest a day, or weekend hiking and camping, getting wet at a water park, or something like that. But I am a country boy at heart. May God bless you as you make your decision, and carry it out.

  • While it's a nice romantic gesture, surprises like that can go HORRIBLY wrong, like for instance arriving during a time when I was going to be out of town, or when something bad just happened. The prom one is the safer bet, because it is too easy for the surprise one to turn into a horrible disaster.

  • Prom, definitely. I would much rather come to you, and spend time doing something that you really would care about rather than you flying out and having to do whatever.

    Also, I am a pretty unpredictable guy, and it is rather likely that if you just showed up at my house, I may not be there. What are you going to do then?

  • ok this is a tough question because if he like or love he will fly not 500 miles only

    he would fly thousands of miles just to see you , or you will do the same if you think he worth

    your love ,

    because the love is great if we find it we should hold on it .

  • I didn't care for prom so I'm voting for the other. I've never had that surprise visit from a special someone. I'd do the same for her.


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