First Date Tomorrow?

Away on my first date tomorrow with the guy I like, any tips?


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  • So this is your first date huh? I'm not sure whether or not this is your first date ever or just first date with this one guy. Either way, I figure I'll do what I can to help you with this one. What I'll write down here is a list of little pointers that I can offer to you to maybe help make things work out for you two. You can choose whether you wanna do them or not. But yeah I'll be writing them as they occur to me. But yeah here it is...

    Show interest in what he's saying. Be fun, be friendly, be flirty, but don't throw yourself at him. Ask him a lot of questions about him if you wanna know more about him. It's always good if you can get him talking.

    Ask him personal questions to get to know him, if you like, but don't talk about too many heavy subjects that involve a lot of dark subject matter like violence, or whatever. Not a lot of people want to deal with that immediately. Get to know him, don't depress him.

    Compliments are nice, especially if you can go into detail what it is that makes you compliment him. Like say you think something he talks about is interesting, tell him why. If you think he's good looking, tell him how. If you think he's sweet, elaborate on it. These are always appreciated. Makes someone feel really good.

    If possible try to avoid seeing a movie until at least a second or third date. Generally movies mean sitting in a dark room with a bunch of other people for 90+ minutes being unable to talk to your date, and he'll be unable to talk to you.

    Dinner is fine though, so is a picnic or heading for coffee. These are great for conversation. Sometimes going for a walk is nice too.

    Try to do something fun, but don't go for anything too physically taxing either, because first dates should be relaxing, and fun, and as mentioned before, the key is getting to know him.

    Finally if possible try not to bleed his funds dry the first date. If he volunteers to pay a lot of money, then sure, that's on him, but if he isn't offering don't ask for too much, as it can leave a bad taste in some guy's mouths, or make them think you're too high maintenance. Not a good thing.

    Everything after that is up to you or him in planning or personal preference. You don't have o change who you are, because the most base part of yourself are what are important. In the end this is what helps make sure your relationship works. Just be yourself, have fun, and figure it all out as you go. You can decide for yourself if you want to kiss him on the first date, not kiss him and just leave it alone, or take things further and go as far as sex if that's your thing. Whatever you want to do.

    Anyway I'm sure you'll be fine. You don't have a whole lot to worry about. A first date is just like any other social interaction. I'm sure you'll find something to do and I'm sure it will be fun in the end. Just relax. You'll be fine.

    Good luck out there.


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