How do I get him to stop flirting?

Lets keep this short. I like a guy, he knew I was very attracted to him. He flirts with me a lot, but he flirts with EVERYONE (keep that in mind), and it always seemed like he holds how attracted I am to him over my head.

I'm ready to get over him because nothing is going to happen. I want to communicate this to him and that I want him to stop flirting with me, because flirting only holds the attraction.

How can I let him know this without straight up telling him? Like what do I say next time he tries to do something flirty?


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  • I had this same situation with a girl awhile back, she wouldn't stop facebooking and running after other guys. Even when we were on dates, just the two of us I'd turn around and she'd be hitting on some random guy for the hell of it. I told her very directly that I liked her and when I was with her I didn't feel the need to chase after other girls because she was what I wanted. She said the same but actions speak louder than words so I quit seeing her.

    Your situation sounds a lot like how mine was; she liked having me around be she didn't like "me". He likes having your affections but he doesn't really like you; he may tell you that he does, but like I said ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

    Sorry to say it but I think you are tunnel visioning on someone who doesn't give a sh*t about you.

    • No I have realized this to an extent. I am asking this question in attempts to get over him. It is possible.. as long as he doesn't keep flirting with me.

    • Just ignore him and find someone else.

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  • just sit there and stare at him and roll you're eyes like you're not interested. he should get the hint.

  • Just tell him to stop. But if he is like me, he might take it to the next level instead of actually stopping

    But really, I love flirting with girls, I am sure he is the same way. We are not really flirting to get you guys attracted or to get in your panties. We just do it because its fun.


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