Just a One Night Fling or Just the Beginning?

Last night, I went out with a few friends around the town. I ended up flirting quite a bit with one of the guys there, and he was flirting back. After we came back to campus (we're all college students), we all went out to a party together. We each got a little drunk. One thing lead to another, and I ended up making out with that same guy. We talked a little bit about what this meant as far as our relationship goes. He did mention how he would like it to be long term and even scheduled a date for Friday, which he programmed into his phone. We walked back to our dorms holding hands, kissed a little more and he said "don't forget our plans for Friday." I got his phone number and all that. However, I'm not really sure if I should take this seriously. Should I talk to him about it?


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  • If he follows through and tries to talk to you then I think you should take it seriously.

    If you don't talk to him anymore then I guess it was just a drunk thing!