Is he into me? We text all the time about all kinds of stuff.

I am divorced, so is he. He texts he all the time and our conversations are anywhere from a therapy session seems like (I've been divorced longer than him and he is freshly divorced). He calls me his therapy friend but yet he has told me how awesome I am, how I brought him back from his little rut. He texts me for relationship advice and other info. We talk sex, what we like, what we don't, our past. We seem to be the same person with different anatomy. He has his eye on a woman, but knows she is just a rebound girl. We have so much in common...same values, same morals and both want to date but don't know how to start. We were both cheated on and can relate with each other in that regard. He wants to get together to talk about what our exes did to stories and such. Is he into me...tonight we had a conversation about sex...what we like, what we're good at and it got a little sexual for a bit between us. I'm not sure how to read into this. Does he want this girl to be his rebound so I'm not or does he really just see me as a therapy friend?


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  • Looks like the relationship started off as a therapy friend and now on its way to intimate friend. If you think about it, it really isn't that strange, felling in love with each other as you know each other better; finding you have so much in common.

    You are confused because you are in the middle of both poles, but don't know which side you are, or would like to walk toward. Since you two have so much in common, it shouldn't be difficult for you to lay all the cards on the table faces up,discuss the situation frankly, and clears the air. At times it can be exiciting to play hide and seek games in the dark, but I don't think this is the time for it because it is generating undesirable stress and tension, at least on your part.

    For him, since he is newly divorced, I would say it is still more as a therapy friend. It would probably be difficult to choose A or B because it is a mixture of both. If that's the case, the most natural thing to do is, give it time!

    • Thanks....theres a little more to the story. My last boyfriend passed away five months ago due to a motorcycle accident. So this new friend has also helped with that. We agree we don't want to hurt our friendship relationship, but "sexting" is okay. We're going to have a sit down and talk this out. It's good to have a friend like him.

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