Do guys like when girls text them?

OK, I know people say if a guy likes a girl, he'd text her. But is that really true? Some guy friends I asked about it said they do, but they also think it's cool if a girl texts them? I don't know if I should text this guy or just wait around for him to text me or just completely forget about it. We've been texting for a week, but he doesn't always text me first. Am I annoying him? Or do you think he's not confident enough?


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  • Of course we do. It would be exciting to look at my phone and see that a girl actually took the time to text me because then I know that she was at least thinking of me. Plus, guys are always worried about how much is too much when it comes to texting or calling. It's a relief to not have to initiate all the time. That could be why he's not texting. So my vote is text him!

    • But what happens if it's a girl you're not interested in anymore? Would you be short with her or just not respond?

    • If I'm not interested in her, it all just depends on my relationship with her. If she's a friend, then I'd talk to her in a friendly way but wouldn't flirt with her or anything like that. As for not liking her anymore, I think most guys would still text a girl as friends because they no longer feel anything for her. That is unless you ended on bad terms with her.

      Does this guy seem to not like you?

    • Ok I just put up another question but with the entire story. It's's titled Is he interested? Or should I just delete the number and move on?

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