Why bother re-friending?

I met a guy through a mutual friend, and there was an attraction, and we flirted on and off through facebook and texting, but we didn't actually go out until quite some time later. It was a casual date, alcohol was consumed, we both had a great time, and we had sex. I didn't intend to sleep with him, but it happened. When I left in the morning, I said "I'll see you" and he replied "Definitely." That was great to hear, but I still felt uncertain, because I know guys lose interest once they seal the deal. The next day I sent a brief "I had fun" note, and he replied in kind. We exchanged notes once more that week, and then... nothing. Ok, so even though I was disappointed because I really liked him, I knew this meant that he was no longer interested. I had only myself to blame because I didn't hold out. So, after a few weeks, I unfriended him on facebook and deleted his number. No hard feelings. I'm old enough to back away without drama. Anyway, a few weeks later he sent me a facebook message asking me why I unfriended him, so I answered honestly that it was because I had the impression that he was no longer interested. He said he was sorry that I got that impression, he's been out of town almost nonstop since our date, and we chatted, so finally, a few days later, I re-friended him. Since then, I initiated a facebook email twice (once to inquire after a sick family member and once with a flirty joke, he replied just as flirtily), and that's about it. So after all that background, here's my question: why bother asking to re-friend me in the first place if he isn't actually interested, especially since I told him that that was why I unfriended him in the first place? If he's not interested, I'd rather he leave me alone! Should I just unfriend him for good?


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  • Yeah I would unfriend him for good. He causing too much drama. And you are right he isn't really that interested. Maybe he felt bad and that's why he didn't want you to delete him. It sound's like he is playing games. Find somebody way better.


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