Senior girl and sophomore boy?

I'm a senior in hs and this guy moved from LA and is in my science class and he is cuuuuuute! I've talked to him a couple times and I just really like him for some reason. I showed my friend who he was and she asked her friend about him and they think he's a sophomore. Is it weird that he is two grades below me but I would consider dating him?

My friends who I've told and a couple other people said it really wasn't a big deal and it doesn't matter as long as he is mature enough (I know people say that young guys are immature and most of them are, I agree, but I'm willing to take a chance)



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  • you like him for "some reason" ? lol

    do whatever makes you happy.

    you like him, your friends are ok/neutral about it,

    so I don't see a problem really

    • LOL what I meant is I haven't like hung out with him or had like a real conversation with him but I still like him. Make sense?

    • I got what you meant the first time lol :p

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