Why is it that boys don't answer texts or anything when they're hanging out with their buddies?

don't answer texts or anything when they're hanging out with their buddies

its like if they totally ignore the girl they like when they hang out



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  • The reason is because they are doing something. See, men are VERY SIMPLE creatures. They are not good at multi tasking. I used to pretty much live with a college football team. If they were on the couch watching sports or playing call of duty... They communicated in nothing but grunts and nudges. It's hard to text a grunt. :-)

    Don't worry, girl. He likes you. You're awesome. He just wants to hang out with his buddies, too. When he does that, go and chill wiht your girls and enjoy talking about the annoying little man things he does and what that triflin ho did to your girl the other day and how you like your friend's top. That's why we have friends. We need to do those silly things we can only do with just girls. He doesn't care about your shoes, you know? Same way you don't care what level he got to in COD nazi zombie mode.

    Let him chill with the boys, and don't bother texting him. You're busy. When he is done with the guys, he will be ready to talk to his lovely lady... What has she been doing all day, that little minx? Then he will text you!

    Men love a girl with confidence and a life of her own. So be the badass chick you are, do ya bad girl thing, and let him come to you, like a bumble bee to a sweet little pot of honey. Good luck wiht him!


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  • When someone texts me I assume it's not important, else they would have called me instead. So when I'm hanging out with my friends and I'm having fun, I sometimes ignore texts until I'm alone, or, more often, when I read them immediately, I quickly estimate how important it is, how time-consuming replying would be, and act accordingly.

    'Hey, what time will you be home for dinner' will get a quick reply.

    'Hey, how was your day?' will be ignored. It's not important and replying has a high risk of inviting more texts about *her* day.

    It's rude to be texting when you're with friends. When you're on a date with your boyfriend, how would you feel if he were texting with his buddies all the time? :p

  • I ignore my phone when I'm out with people, if it's on at all. Taking calls in front company shows poor manners.

  • Texting is more of a girl thing. You all like to be closer connected than we do.

    It looks pussified to text around other guys.


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  • Because he's busy doing doing something and and because being on your phone (either calling or texting) when you're spending time with someone else is rude. Not to mention that it comes across as really clingly or insecure on your behalf if you can't go a few hours without texting someone who you KNOW is busy with other people.

  • It is rare that I text people back as soon as I get it and I think it's rude when people text constantly when they are hanging out with friends. He could at least maybe text you back and let you know he is busy and he will talk to you later.

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