A girl asked me to dinner and movie - is this a date?

I started texting this girl over the summer, we both go to the same college but we live in different states. We said that we should just hang out during the school year since she had down time on campus and is a commuter. We hung out one time and then then next time we were going to she had to cancel since she just decided to go home. However, she later texted me that we should do dinner or lunch some time. I told her what days I was free and she said we could do like dinner and a movie. Is this a date or does she mean this just as friends.


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  • I would say go through with it, thinking a mix of both. If you want it to be a date, look her in the eye, compliment her, if you get the right vibes, try and hold her hand. Ask her out on another date at the end. If you don't want it to be one, just act like you would any other friend. Or if you're nervous about going with uncertainty, just ask her.


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