Should I call him or give up?

I had a break-up a few months ago, I had been seeing the guy for only a couple of months. Recently we started talking again, emailing, texting, phone calls. I have been more than open with him about my desire to reconcile, he has expressed interest but not as much as I have.

Now he's starting to do the slacking thing, not calling when he says he's going to then coming up with what I feel are lame excuses.. As the woman I feel like he should do the calling so I don't call him. He has asked me why I never call him and I told him I would prefer if he called me. I know that sounds old-fashioned but it's really an insecurity issue, if I don't call him he can't reject me.

Anyway I hear all the time that if the man is interested he will come after the woman hard, he will make it happen. So is this guy just not interested? Is he just not completely cutting me loose so that he can have me 'waiting' but still keep his options open?

He'll call consistently then I won't hear from him for days at a time. Is he waiting for me to call him? He knows how I feel and what I want, I feel like the ball is in his court and if he was interested he would make an actual MOVE. We still haven't even gotten together in person since we started talking again, we've only discussed that we each want to.

Should I call him? Was I a fool for laying out my feelings to him and he thinks he's got me where he wants me? I don't like to play games, but would that make him more interested if I did?


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  • Yes you should call him...He has insecurities not calling him you're telling him you're really not that into him...You're also playing games, which most of us are not into at all. You need to face your own insecurities because you could be chasing off a good adventure...Best of luck..Cheers!