If we haven't kissed, where can I kiss her that's not on the lips?

I couldn't really put the question into words, but My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few weeks now and we haven't kissed. Lets so say if tomorrow, while we were hugging, where's the safest place to kiss her that's not on the lips so she get weirded out?


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  • Her cheek or forehead. I gave my brother this advice because he wanted to make a move on this new chic he is seeing. He wanted to be physical but not too physical and scare her off. It worked like a charm.


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  • Cheek or forehead, forehead is cuter in my opinion because it's just always seemed like a cuter jeasture for dating. Kissing on the cheek just seems like something a little boy does to his crush after telling her a secret haha!


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  • On the neck or shoulder, or if you're feeling a bit on the safe side the cheek