I met a girl exactly a week ago, and want to go out this weekend, when do I call?

I met a girl on Monday night exactly week ago! She is particularly attractive, and my roommate and I each got numbers. I got her number and my roommate got her friends. I am a really busy person and found myself either practicing, doing homework or going out every night. So now, we have this big party on Saturday, and I want to get her to come to it. Have I waited too long to call? When is the best time to call and should I try to have like a mini-date before I ask her to go to the party on Saturday?

I have not texted, called or ran into this girl since we met a week ago!

An additional note is that my roommate wants to invite her friend as well. They are apparently best friends and roommates also.

So, two girls, a party in 5 days, and neither of us have called in a week. Each girl exchanged numbers as well, so they have our numbers.

As a side note, I texted the last two girls first after like 2 days and each of those have turned into the girls suddenly not being interested in me!

Also, a girl I met a year ago that I had a really big crush on said that she was not interested in me because I was too forward in texting her "it was very nice to meet you" later the same day after meeting her. So basically, I try to wait a few days before initiating contact. Hence the waiting a week so far.

Ok, advice?


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  • Yeah, 1 week is long enough! I've always like guys to call me 1-3 days after otherwise I assume they are not interested. Have you maybe been calling the gals too much after you start going on real dates? I like guys to call the day after a good date, but then I don't expect him to call me every single day after that - would freak me out... Yes, it is a bit much to text someone the same day of a date... next day would be fine.

  • A week is long enough...especially if you have a party planned for this weekend. I mean, if you call her mid-week to the night before, she may feel like she was just an *afterthought*. Call her now. Haha.

    I mean, keep it light-hearted and simple; this is going to be a party and it would be great to let her know about it now so she can have the week to look forward to it.


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