What is that suppose to mean?

My best friend of 5 years kissed me yesterday! I didn't really kiss him back. I like him a lot but last year when I told him how I felt the next day he had a girlfriend. we were at the movies and he lend over and kissed me. I didn't know what to do so I just kind of smiled then told him I needed to use the restroom and waited a while before I went back in

he has tried to hold my hand when were at the mall and he bought me a ring. he said it was a promise ring then said a promise to be friends forever. this ring was like at least $400 and had our names written on the inside"together forever"

UGH I don't know what to do. I don't know if he likes me or if he just is trying to play with me.


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  • you might as well give it a shot while your pretty young - you like each other in every way - and the only thing stopping you is a bad decision made on his part in the past

    i bet he's liked you all along - or he's realized in the last few months what you mean to him

    I mean I've fallen for almost every girl I've been friends with - 3 seriously and 1 quite recently - Id give anything for one of them to like me back - to see me as more then a friend - your lucky to be in that position

    but if he is messing with you - you can put that promise ring into a bench vice - squash it - then give it back :)


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  • i think its pretty safe to say he likes you! no guy would go and spend 400 dollars on a ring if he didn't like you. unless he is rich which would totally negate this fact.


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