How to get over a girl!!!

OK this is my first time so all you with cheeky comments please spare this page>>>>

I had been in a serious relation ship for seven years since tenth grade till now and now we have compatibility issues which are major on my side but I can't change that she's just so annoying and useless (not at times but all the times) and there are so many more things... She is full of complications and all the time there is so much stress that I go crazy at times ... But she was my first love and no matter what happens I can't stop loving her at times . I have broken up with her a zillion times and every time we patch up because staying away ain't possible. I can't live with her ill kill myself I can't live without her I really Am so messed up in all this that I hate relationships and curse the moment I met her she made my simple life a mess... Anyone there can please tell me what to do I really can't LIVE WITH Or WITHOUT HER and please don't say kill myself that's gonna be stupid but people please its a really serious issue for me and try looking at it from my angle and please advice me or just say something to me that'll help! I patched up with her in the afternoon and dumped her in the evening again but right after I dump her life just doesn't seem right but with her its all wrong... God ! Is really killing myself the solution for love that wasn't meant to be yours ? what else can it be maybe we weren't right for each other bu we got used to each other ? I don't know so em here open for advices hope I get some good ones


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  • MOVE ON! if you can't live with her, date date and date. Eventually you'll learn. You also love her because it's a "routine" you're used to talking to her , used to seeing her, used to everything. That said I know it's easier said then done to let her go. BUT DO IT! It'll probably be the hardest thing you've ever done but if you can't work it out with her then moveee on. Unless you're really willing to work with her. So it just depends on how much you want to compromise


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  • Date another girl. Then date five more. Then date five more. Then ask me this question again, if you still care. (You won't.)

    • Dude I can't get her outta ma head I look for her in every girl no one matches upto her judgin normally she was perfect in a lot of ways bu we werent compatible :(