In college, do girls care more about flings instead of long-term?

It seems that in college girls aren't interested in decent guys but instead only want to have sex with the hottest guys they can. I mean they just want a smoking hot guy to f*** her only to leave in the morning and move on to the next girl. Am I right?


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  • I feel the complete opposite. It's hard to find quality guys in college - at least where I go to school - and nearly every guy I've met is only interested in getting some. ESPECIALLY after they turn 21 and the clubbing and bar hopping begins. One day theyre courting you properly then suddenly theyre 21 and you start getting booty call texts at 2 am that are so obviously mass texted to every girl in their phone book. Not saying this goes for all college guys, but the ones I've seen at least.

  • just depends on the girl. if she's a slapper then that's all she's good for if she's a decent girl then she will go for a good guy in a relationship.

    • I don't if it's just where I go, but girls here seem no better than hookers.

  • Maybe some girls are responding to what they perceive as the attitude of guys in college, but there are definitely a lot of girls who want a relationship. Now, whether they want a relationship with a party guy, the hottest guy or a "decent" guy is another story. If you are a party girl you probably want a party guy, which is why party girls settle for the scraps they can get (i.e., sex, not relationships) because party guys are not going to settle down.


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