It was his fault we ended. but I want to start it again.

me and my ex recently started talking again after a year and a half. he gave me his number and told me to text him if I wanted. I really wanna get back with him. when should I text him? I don't want to seem too eager that we are talking again..


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  • Wait a day in advance and in your texts, keep short and sweet because too much can seem like your too excited and you want to give just a little right now to see how things go this time without seeming eager as you said, And also when yall get to really talkin, don't bring up the past. Show him that all you care about is the future now and go from here slowly. if he brings it up, just tell him the past is the past and lets just live in the now or don't comment too much on it and change the subject. but now hon, text a lil, and don't call much. Let him pursue you if he is really serious about this

    • This is a great answer. its been almost a week since he gave me his number and told me to text him.. but I haven't yet just cause I feel like it will be weird. when would be the best time to text him? and what to say?

    • A week is really good because it makes him want you even more due to anticipation built, and he is wondering really bad now. Text him now, "Hey (His name). just thought I shoot you a text to see how your doing. Hope your having a good day." That's it. Short and sweet and he may reply what took you so long and you say that oh your sorry but you been really busy lately." That's it and then go from there. When he starts opening up to you or showing you more effort, that's when you do, but don't you chase

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