Why did he flake? Why didn't he bother to cancel?

I just started talking to this guy a few days ago, and he asked me to hang out last night. He seemed pretty into me, and we even planned like what time. He said he needed to come to my area of town to buy a book for school so we'd hang out then. He texted me a little later saying that it would be later because traffic was really bad (it was), and he's waiting to leave until it was better. We texted a little bit longer, and then he just stopped. Why would he not text me to at least cancel? and why did he flake?

a little more background information, this guy was in a band that toured for about 2 years until they split up. lots of girls throw themselves at him. I'm not one of them, but could he be expecting me to do that?


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  • Maybe he got into a car accident? Maybe he got distracted with something else?

    Who knows, best way to find out for sure is to call him and ask. If he doesn't answer/return your call in a day or two then move on.


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