First date ever, tips!!!

So I finally met a girl I like, I asked her out didn't said it was a date, just hang out so there would be less pressure, but I think she got the message :) So please, give me as lot tips as you can and when and sort of what should I text her after if it would go great, thanks.


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  • Just be yourself, the biggest mistake you can make is not being yourself.

    Be considerate to her, and if you like her, text her what you're thinking about it at the end of the evening e.g. if you had a good time, let her know it. Don't worry, you'll know what to do :-] Good luck!


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  • Don't try too hard man, and don't play "interesting" girls hate normal guys pretending to be interesting, be a gentleman they like that if it's cold give her your coat, pay for the dinner or movie tickets whatever (unless she's a feminist) but if she tries to pay insist or something like that.

    IMPORTANT: try to stay calm.

    but overall be nice to her, you can say nice things, "I like your hair", "I like your eyes", "It's really nice being with you tonight or today" "You look pretty" all those little things make you gain points.

    be yourself, and make her feel comfortable and special that's the most important

    hope this works for you