Had a bad experience texting, how much should I text this girl?

-I've started maybe 3 or 4 conversations with her. A while ago I texted a different girl way too much and it sort of messed me up.

-Now I don't want to overdo it, but I do want to text her a little.

-She replies normally so I think it's all good.

-There are some that she should initiate some conversations, but there are others that say girls don't like to initiate.

p.s. (I know calling is the obvious option, but I'm taking baby steps lol)


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  • keep texting her and maybe tell her how much you like talking to her, that might make her more comfortable to text you first. a lot of the time we don't text the guy first because we feel like we are annoying them. so keep texting her and maybe say "how come I always text first ;)" then she will get the hint that you actually like texting her. hope this helps :)


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