Girls describe your perfect date?

a perfect or your great date for you?


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  • Really, we can go about anywhere or do anything, as long as we're talking. We don't have to talk every second, but I don't want our date to be like a silent movie either. Specifically, I try to spend most of the date making my man laugh, and hopefully he can pick up and carry on the joke, or make me laugh instead. If we lapse into silences, then I make it a point to show I'm comfortable with them and not bored. I try to be in enough proximity that I can touch him somehow - either hug, or rest my head on his shoulder, or a kiss... in other words, I flirt with him like it's our first date, even though we've been together for a year. I make him the spotlight of the date; whatever else we do is fine, but he is the star of the show. :)


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