Does he see me as more than just a hookup?

I met a guy a few weeks back at a pub, (he works there) I felt like we had good chemistry from the moment we met. He started talking to me & I ended up getting his number, every time I went back there while he was working we would flirt. One night he bought me my drinks, and the next time he bought me one while he was working. He also paid for my coat check. (I told him that he didn't have to do that) we made out one night. I was going to go to his place but I was too drunk. He helped me with my coat at the end of the night. Later that week, we met up for drinks around 11 at a restaurant bar. He even asked if I was hungry. We talked for 2 hrs before going to his place. He also paid for my drinks. We hooked up. When I woke up I noticed he had his arm around me all night, and continued to cuddle me the next day. We ended up hooking up in the morning, he was also rubbing my back and running his fingers through my hair, telling me how cute I was, etc. kissing my forehead and holding my hand. He was being very sweet. We talked for a little over 1/2hrs about random stuff & our personal lives. He also told me I could lay down for as long as I like. He even brushed the ash from my smoke off my coat while we were outside smoking and said he would get me an uber home. I told him it was unnecessary and I could Call myself a taxi home but he insisted. I before I left his roommate came and talked a bit (also works where he does) he wasn't trying to hide me or be sneaky about me being there. He even walked me to the door, kissed me goodbye told me he had an amazing time & we should do it again soon and told me to text him when I get home safe. It's been 2 days since that and we haven't really talked over text but I know he had to work (long hours) and he doesn't seem like a big texter. Do you think that he's genuinely into me or just a gentlemen? He even held the door open for me and had his hand on my back when he walked me out.
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I'm also a regular at his work, and he doesn't seem like a player to me. I could be wrong though lol.
Does he see me as more than just a hookup?
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