Any First Kiss Advice?

I'm a senior in college and I've never kissed anyone. I know I'm old and I kind of missed that whole awkward dating scene in High School where I suppose you learn about these things,but I have been dating a guy and I feel as though a kiss is in the near future, but I am terrified that I'll be horrible at it and completely scare him away. I figured everyone has their different opinions about what makes a "good" kisser, so I'm not asking that. Instead I'm asking what are some universal things that would label someone a "bad" kisser, what should be avoided?


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  • Good question. Here we go:

    1. It's universally bad when your teeth touch his.

    2. Overly aggressive tongue action shows you are inexperienced and trying to compensate with intensity. Instead, "go with the flow as it were." Think of it as your tongues are "dancing with each other" his.. yours.. his.. yours..

    3. Biting of the face. Yes, that's right - I have experienced this personally (a long time ago...) It's when you don't know what you are doing.. and have bad aim. This is different than lightly biting the other person's lip -> which can be a good thing.

    4. Hickies - it's annoying. The other person is going to have to explain it to everyone and it just looks bad. Instead, lightly kiss neck, ear, etc. if its a real make-out session i.e. in private.

    5. When you don't do anything at all - obvious.

    6. When you are "tense."

    7. Bad breath.

    Hope this helps! Evan

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    • This is really helpful, thanks!

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  • wow...congrats are truly in order. Most people rush in and create a web of regrets. Still wise to think things over and not go too far before you know if he's hubby material.

    The only really BAD thing I can think of is horrid breath. Just take some good gum or mints with you and enjoy often.

    Also, don't be afraid to let him know it's your first time. When he leans in you could stop him, smile and say something like "I don't mind kissing you if you don't mind me practicing on you...since you'll be the first.". I'd say most guys would feel honored.

  • Don't worry. I'm 28 and I've never french kissed anyone. I'm also not a freak, just haven't made it to that point yet. I figure when the time comes, I'll just figure it out. Just go with it. It doesn't have to take ten years. Little by little, you'll eventually get the hang of it.

  • My only advice is just let it be natural. Don't try too hard to be a "good" kisser. And if you're not comfortable with french kissing or anything intense, let it be a little peck. Whatever happens will happen.

    Good luck :)