Dating and the future?

Lol, work with me on this one guys and girls, lol, lets see what we can come up with - Dating was way different back in the turn of the 1900s than it is now in 2008. With technology making it's way into the dating world - what do you think the future of dating will be like? Like closer to the end of this century-


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  • Have you seen demolition man - there you go. Licenses to have sex or kids (which to be honest to stop some people having kids that should not have them would not be a bad thing)!

    Seriously though, I donno I find dating now so much harder than when I was in my late teens not sure if its age or technology advancements since then (no internet when I was a teen). I think sometimes it has destroyed the art of conversation and chatting to people when out and about. Also think about it, when my Mum was young she used to go to do's and parties with my grandparents even in her late teens, they also had big social house/garden parties inviting friends, neighbours etc - that rarely happens these days so how do we get to meet people away from the internet, clubs and pubs when people are often drunk - no thanks.

    Think we should go back to more social interaction locally, maybe with the credit crunch we'll have no option.

    • Lol I mentioned Demolition man in an answer and it made me think of this, haha. Good answer

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