For those of you who are over 30 (those under 30 can chime in too).. do you really think...

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  • Dating has gotten easier/will get easier
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  • I will eventually find 'the one' for me
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  • It sure as hell hasn't gotten any easier. It seems like there are pretty much only three types of women out there. Those that are quite a bit younger than me, (20-25) which I don't have a problem with, but there is a lot more competition. Those around my age, (26-32) which are usually single for some weird reason, usually something along the lines of batsh*t insane or just plain stupid as all hell. Then there are the older women(33+) who are usually divorced moms with three kids who, for the most part have kind of let themselves go. I'm not saying all women fits into one of these three categories, but at least 80% of the single women out there do.

    I like to think that I will eventually find "the one" but if I do that it is like placing my future in the hands of destiny. I'm not going to wait for something to just magically happen. So I keep trying.

    • No fate but what we make... ok... I'm sounding like John Connor.. LOL... but the future is yours to make... take control of your life. Cupid, the stars or any other thing out there will never do it for you. This is yours and yours alone.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Its more confusing now because in this age range I feel that most of the decent guys I've met are already in relationships, or are coming out of them damaged and now don't want a relationship only sex.

    I myself have come out of a relationship a year ago I'm 33, I look 10 times better than I did when I was 20, got a job, I AM TOLD that I am very attractive/pretty and am tall and slim- more importantly I have a great personality (...and not at all vain :s lol) and am a very open person but I still have trouble finding a decent guy...what are you gonna do?!

    I don't give up though I feel that its just not my time at the moment so I'm just being patience and enjoying the search :)

  • Its more confusing now than ever I've found!

    • How so? Answer me that'un

    • I was engaged for 8 years during my twenties and that didn't work out. Never really dated properly as a teenager, more awkwardly getting drunk and then rambling incohertently in the hope they liked me. So I guess you could say I'm just totally inexperienced and confused by it all! IMHO.

  • Under 30. If anything dating has gotten harder from hs, I'm now in my early 20's. There's so much more pressure now to find a guy that is willing to commit and won't waste my time. Has a good job, values, ambition. There's so much more involved now than when I was 16 and agreed to date any guy I felt like it.

  • I'm 35 and find dating MUCH harder. I have never been married and don't have kids. All of the men I am interested in are either married or live with their girlfriends.

    • The older I get... I see that lots (not all) of women have a harder time with dating as opposed to guys in the same age group...

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  • Dating definitely gets better as we get older. I joined a dating site over a year ago, and I could have gone out with a different woman every night for the rest of my life. I never expected it, but women were contacting me constantly. I suppose after a certain age, what women most look for in a man is one who is yet vertical and draws an occasional breath. It was like shootin ducks in a pond; however, I found one who's company I enjoy a great deal, and let it go at that.

  • I am 24, will be 25 this year and as the years progress, I think it's gotten easier.

    Not only being more fine tuned with myself but as time goes by, I learn more about what I want and become more and more comfortable with myself. I've gotten past the "how do I attract a girl / meet her or ask her out stages" and feel like it's just batting practice when it comes to dating.

    I would imagine that although as you get older, your preference is very specific that find a the right girl is more difficult but general dating.. I feel comes easier.

    Also you hear all the time with older people that they get married in a lot less time as both parties have a very good idea of who / what are compatible.

  • I think dating is still the same with some slight differences. Financial ability has been playing a big role in how people meet. There are websites where the wealthy meet other wealthy people to date.There are those who marry because it's convenient and brings stability. In other words, love seems to take the backseat these days.

    But the way I see it, dating still requires the same effort it did generations before. If you want someone, go after them. It's all about effort and your desire for it.