How can she be mad about this?

I have this girl who has never ever texted me first. I almost always have to text her. Also sometimes I hang outside her classroom before lunch so I can say hi and ask her to come to lunch with me and she always says no. So yesterday I didn't text her or go to her classroom because I figured she wanted to hang with her friends as usual. Then 5th period she starts asking me why I was ignoring her and why I didn't even text her then she goes and sits somewhere else. What should I do?


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  • shes mad at you because she's used to your attention...girls like didn't give it to her, so she's upset...DO NOT GIVE IN MAN...DO NOT...why do you have to always contact her, why do you have to wait for her...ahve you not brought this up...say something like "well I've been contacting you a lot, waiting for you and every opportunity I get to hang out with you, you turn me down, why would I waste my time" -- BOOM! now the ball is in your court...dont give in to her man its not fair on you especially if she's going to keep denying you every time you ask or attempt to ahng out...sure she's going to tell you she's upset or mad because she wants to see how you will react to it - my suggestion, brush it off and say whatever...not to her face, but through your actions - you don't want her to rule your life, I'm sure you like her, but a relationship needs to meet at the shouldn't be one sided and one person shouldn't have more power than the've showed her that you're interested and trying to hang out, now its her turn, if she doesn't show anything its a waste of your time - go find someone who wants to give you attention and hang out...her loss

    hope this helps bud, good luck


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  • Lol well when it comes the guy always has to text first, with me I'd only text first once in a blue moon it's just pride and not wanting to seem to interested even though you are if you know what I mean:D or maybe she's just playing hard to get a lot of girls do that because they don't want to seem to easy that is a girls biggest fear!

  • What should you do?

    Isn't it obvious? Ignore her some more. In fact, just forget her.

    I am sorry if you truly like her and this will hurt, but she's acting so badly she in no way deserves your attention. Let her realize she isn't the sun the Earth revolves around.

    What an attitude! -_-


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