Guys, why do I feel like there is more to this story than what meets the eye?

was seeing a guy for about 3 weeks then he stopped it but continued to call daily 3-4 times. He has told me that he is very irritated with life, kids, work...and I said "me". He says "well yea you might as well throw yourself in there too." He went on about how I want to see him, and I think that he doesn't want to see me...but he insists that is not the case. That he does want to see me but right now his priorities in life are his kid and his job. So we talked a bit more about what I did this weekend he wanted to know etc. He said that Saturdays are his time for his son, and Sundays are his time for just him and he doesn't want anyone around. Did he just break up with me? Do I move on?

What is going on here? He also just got out of a 2 year relationship where his girlfriend left him for his best friend about 2 months before I met him. Was I the rebound? Will we ever have a chance of getting back together?

Yesterday he acted normal...beeped and waved at me at lunch, talked to me while delivering packages to my job, and texted me last night (after I initiated the conversation). He said he would talk to me later. Is there a chance we are still together or will get back together? How do I approach him about this?

Today I saw him driving in the industrial park that I normally walk in and he drives for fed ex so...i was looking at my cell phone when he drove by and he beeps and waves to me. He then made a delivery and saw me walking and slowed up to talk to me for a second to ask my how my gymnastics class was. Is he still interested or confused or what?


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  • this guy needs time to get his life back in order. His girlfriend just left him for his bestfriend. That alone has got to be taking a toll on his emotions. He needs to make his kids a priority and can't let his ex leaving him effect the way he treats them. His job is what pays the bills so that too has to be a priority. He can't afford to sacrifice his work otherwise it will make him more depressed.

    The guy probably needs a new friend, but he just doesn't have the time to think about a new relationship. If he is still waving at you and smiling then he does still like you, but knows he isn't ready for anything serious. If you enjoy this mans company, then be there for him when he has time. You can be his little escape from reality. Unfortunately, most people will be OK with this in the beginning but after a few months they (possibly you) will be looking for more. He may not be able to give you what you need. He is being honest and you can't expect him to change in a few months. I suggest you take advantage of having a FWB or move on to find a real relationship.


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  • Give him time.

    It could be like this:

    The guy can just not always feel that way that he would be able to please you.

    As long as he doesn't feel like that, he's not going to risk anything because he will be unsure.

    He's afraid to screw it.

    So he might even get to the point of making things up eventually, I wouldn't know.

    But the above is a feeling that tends to creep up on men.

  • Heh heh well you know my answer. If only the chat could copy and paste. Talk with him like I said.


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  • maybe he feels like he hasn't had time to his kids or himself because of that 2 year relationship that ended badly. just think about it. if you were in his shoes what would you do. you just got your heart torn out after two years, and you meet someone but you have specific times with yourself and your son. would you be able to fit a new guy in if he as calling you wanting to see you? let this guy come to you. stop texting him, stop calling him and see if he comes to you. if he does come to you then he wants something with you, if he doesn't come to you within the week, then move on and leave him alone. then when he finally tries to meet up with you tell him that its obvious that he doesn't have time for a relationship, so you left him alone to get over and deal with his break up.

  • He doesn't want anything serious. He just wants to date you a little now and then so he can feel good about himself for having a woman, and have a little company and less boredom.

    If you want more, then move on.

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