Straighten up your tinder?

This is just a stupid rant on stupid things I see on tinder and other dating apps. When you are on a dating app, the whole point is to see you. And when I see every picture you have with sunglasses on that really grinds me up, where are your eyes? Its you I want to see ok? And second thing is when all the picture is a group picture, who the hell am I supposed to look at? "Its a mach, oh I wanted to date the one on the left, sorry" and a third thing, now I do not care at all if you have been to africa or thailand or what ever, I dont want to see you petting a dopedup tiger. Its animal cruelty. Just stop it. Some straight forward picturs of your face thats all we need. The rest is what we can find out in the chat. God damit grrrrr Straighten up your tinder!!?Straighten up your tinder!!?Straighten up your tinder!!?


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  • Well I agree on the group pics... Used to avoid those unless all the members are decently attractive.


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  • Is there a question here or...

  • Just a weird rant lol


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